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Owner & Lead Farmer


Owner & Lead Farmer

Stephen & Keith Mitzak work day and night to make sure that AquaSprout Farms produces tasty, nutritious food year-round, and educates our community on the benefits of sustainable agriculture. These two are not afraid of hard work and prove it daily. We couldn’t have asked for better owners to be a part of our team. With so much knowledge and experience, these two are the most invaluable part of our farm family.

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Brothers Stephen & Keith Mitzak started AquaSprout Farms in order to share their passion for growing food with the local community.   

An appreciation for nature and the outdoors was instilled in the Mitzak brothers at a young age by their mother, Eileen, who let them help in the backyard garden.

After graduating from college, the brothers spent time pursuing their true passion - growing fresh food. While researching countless farming methods, they came across Aquaponics and a beautiful relationship started to grow.

They attended conferences, seminars, and took internships with farms, learning from industry leaders. Their endless determination paired with these pivotal experiences has led to the realization of their lifelong dream to start a farm.



The AquaSprout Farms family now includes both Keith and Stephen, plus their father, brother, and two of their friends turned business partners, all working toward a common goal - growing & sharing great food!




Anthony joined the AquaSprout family way back before there was even a farm. He was pivotal in the construction of the very aquaponics system pilot test with the Mitzak brothers, and even in reviving the greenhouse. He's been a highly welcomed presence on the farm ever since. Anthony is super involved so you're likely to meet him at one of our weekly markets. In his spare time, Anthony enjoys music, sports, and spending time with his family and friends.



Dan is a real jack-of-all-trades for the farm and he's become a key gear in keeping everything on track. You'll find him at markets, starting new projects, working in the greenhouse - he's found wherever he's needed. Dan is at the farm nearly every day to help keep the farm dream alive. He's been the biggest supporter of AquaSprout Farms since the very beginning.




Kevin jumped aboard AquaSprout Farms when it was really growing and he's an older brother to both Steve & Keith. He's usually found in the greenhouse, checking water quality, planting new seeds, transplanting growing plants to bigger beds, weeding out less healthy plants, prepping outside hoop houses for new farming, feeding tilapia, and all the special projects that pop up on the farm. Kevin is a huge help on the farm and imperative in keeping our greenhouse running well.


Partner/Friend/Behind the Scenes

Though you may rarely meet Katie at a market, she's (somewhat) silently working behind the scenes to keep up the farm dream. With over a decade of experience in operations and farm management, she's always working to make us more efficient. Farming is a part of who she is, just like us. More family than friend to the Mitzak brothers at this point, she's worked with us over the years developing ideas as the farm came to fruition. When she's not traveling with her laptop in hand, she resides in a tiny house outside of Austin, TX.



Because of the support of our community, we get to follow our dreams and run a farm, supplying healthy, fresh food. We are so grateful for your support!



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